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Surprises always happen. Being prepared with quick solutions will get the project delivered on time.


Pima County was renovating a park on a river bank to include soccer fields, improvements to the horse racing complex, and a marketplace to hosts farmer’s markets and other specialty events. During construction of the fields and parking lots, a previously unknown sand lens was discovered directly under the proposed site. The area and depth of the lens were unknown, and with the start of the soccer season weeks away, devising a fix quickly was critical.


Our team worked with the contractor and geotechnical engineer to evaluate the site and determine the extent of the sand area, including its depth. We prepared a plan of action to excavate the sand and replace the volume with engineered fill. The field turf had to be installed within the next few weeks to ensure it was ready for the start of soccer season. The team was successful, and opening day went on as scheduled.

Role: Architect & Engineer of Record
Size: 87 acres
Cost: $5.2M