Certified Commissioning Providers, Energy Managers, and LEED & Green Globes Accredited Professionals

Having commissioned complex buildings since the 1980s,  GLHN’s Building Commissioning team is one of Arizona’s most experienced teams in the industry. As technically based commissioners, we work with building user groups and facilities management personnel for existing buildings and new construction. Together, we establish appropriate testing procedures, troubleshoot problems, and develop solutions. Our team includes professional mechanical and electrical engineers, architects, certified energy managers as well as LEED and Green Globes accredited professionals. We have demonstrated knowledge and experience with the following building types:

    • Laboratories
    • Research and Classroom Facilities
    • Central Plants
    • Animal Care Centers
    • Emergency Response Centers




Fundamental & Enhanced Commissioning +

  • Focused Reviews of Unique Building Systems
  • Energy & Ventilation Modelling
  • HVAC Equipment, Distribution Systems & Controls
  • Integrated Building Automation & Lighting Controls
  • Laboratory Ventilation Control systems; VAV, Demand-based Control
  • Low Flow Fume Hoods, Exhaust Air Heat Recovery, Stack Dispersion Techniques
  • Process Water & Water Recycling Systems
  • Building Enclosure:  Air & Water Barriers
  • Testing, Adjusting & Balancing of HVAC
  • Energy Star Benchmarking
  • Trending Measurement & Verification
  • Post Occupancy Monitoring & Optimization
  • Equipment Selection Methodology
  • Sequence of Operation & Controls
  • Communication / Peer to Peer
  • Working with Local Utilities
  • Trouble Shooting & Testing of Systems
  • Research Laboratory
  • Vehicle/Fleet Maintenance Facilities

Retro-Commissioning +

  • Trouble Shooting & Refurbishment of Damaged/Outdated Equipment
  • Identify Energy-Saving  
  • Adjusting Existing Sequence of Operations to Segue with Build-out
  • Retrofit of Older Equipment
  • Energy-Enhancing Features 
  • Functional Performance Testing
  • Verification of Installation 
  • Verification of Systems Metering

Re-Commissioning +

  • 3RD Party Green House Gas Reporting (GHG)
  • Certifications: LEED; BREEM USA; Envision; Green Globes
  • Enclosure Building Commissioning
  • Energy & Daylighting Analysis
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Measurement & Verification
  • Net Zero Design
  • Post Occupancy Building Performance Analysis
  • Retro-Commissioning

Operations & Maintenance +

  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals & Training 
  • On-going Commissioning Procedures for Facilities Staff

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