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Schedule drove this project as it was the first piece in a series of projects to revitalize the neighborhood

engineering for parking garage


Maintaining a very aggressive schedule was the major challenge as construction of the neighboring apartment community was dependent on the garage.  Aspire Park Central is directly attached to the east façade’ and has direct access on every floor of the Catalina Parking Structure.  As a result, all structural elements on the east end of the Catalina Parking Structure needed to be erected before the apartment community could start construction.


Adapting the design to permit installation of all structural elements, including the elevator shaft, of the east end of the Catalina Parking Structure was essential.  This was achieved by collaborating with the construction company to understand their sequencing. Using precast concrete as the main structural system assisted in keeping the schedule. Additional time was trimmed by simultaneously producing Design Development and Construction Document Drawings in conjunction with producing shop and production drawings of the precast elements.  The use of BIM was critical in this process.

Role: Architect & Engineer of Record
Size: 11 Stories
Cost: $29M