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Integrated architecture and engineering elevated the design of a simple building into an eye catching facility

GLHN Architects & Engineers, Engineering Firm


The original contract amount outlined a simple Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) shell with minimal finishes and amenities. During schematic design, code issues were raised, specifically regarding requirements to insulate conditioned buildings, which would add considerable cost. Following conversations with the end users, it became apparent that their needs were not being met in the original proposal. The softball coaches indicated that they would prefer to spend more time raising money to build a facility that suited their needs and reflected the caliber of ASU athletics, than settle for one that was purely utilitarian.


The design team went through a second iteration of the design, this time as a CMU building in order to save cost and lead time at the recommendation of the JOC contractor. This second design package depicted a more high-end and attractive facility with better amenities and technology than what was in the original proposal. The change from a PEMB to CMU offset some of this cost, and the softball team raised funds to supplement the budget they had been provided. GLHN was able to provide most of the team’s requests in the final project.

Role: Architect & Engineer of Record
Size: 3,800 SF
Cost: $500,000