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Using simple materials in unique ways creates a quality facility that functions efficiently and looks good, too.


The City of Tucson needed a new maintenance facility for the Modern Streetcar to reduce non-revenue car movements and to service and store future vehicles. The site, a narrow triangular strip that included a portion of the existing right-of-way, increased in size from ten thousand to nineteen thousand square feet. Site access was a challenge, as was the ability to efficiently fit all the required programmatic elements into the site, all while staying within budget.


We delivered the facility under the original budget, including equipment, by incorporating sustainable practices and specifying quality, durable materials to keep costs low. The design team included vision windows and clerestories that wash both the office area and shop areas in natural daylight, increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.

Role: Architect & Engineer of Record
Size: 19,500 SF
Cost: $18M
  • LEED Silver Certification