GLHN’s Rob Lamb, COO, received a call Saturday night from Elaine Becherer, Chief of Staff for Tucson Mayor Regina Romero, with a request for help.  The City was expecting additional unrest and damage from protesters in downtown overnight and was assembling a clean-up crew for Sunday morning.  Rob reached out to staff and coordinated GLHN’s support.  More than 70 volunteers showed up from a number of local architecture and construction companies. Participants spread out through downtown, cleaning trash, sweeping up broken glass, and removing any potential projectiles that might be used in future demonstration events. “With the graffiti and damaged property, it was pretty sad to see the destruction that occurred downtown” said Bill Koller, GLHN Mechanical DM. Manny Ellsworth, Civil Designer, came because he was impacted by “seeing the violence – wondering what can be done to help.”  BIM/CADD Technician, Tim Shivanonda,  also helped with the clean-up.  “A few of us ran into Mayor Romero during the cleanup efforts and paused for a photo opportunity” says Bill.  Although somewhat hard to recognize behind their Covid-19 masks, Manny, Tim, and Bill were captured with Mayor Romero who is front and center in pink. KOLD’s news story link: