Among one of the greatest technical challenges in many projects is the preparation of the site infrastructure to support the planned new building improvements.  This precursor to the vertical construction phase is termed “Make Ready” and is the first phase of any major new facility installation or expansion.

The Make Ready phase may involve developing new power, gas, water, sewer, or information technology infrastructure and often requires the rerouting of active utility lines without disruption or disconnection of these services, all while assuring the existing services continue to function in a safe and uninterrupted manner.

Having a methodology to plan the work, guide the contractor, interface with utilities and public agencies, and communicate with the neighbors is essential to reaching agreements, securing permits, and staging the work. Overall project completion schedules often dictate that this work be done in parallel with detailed design and documentation of the building elements.

GLHN’s multidisciplinary effort in executing a separate and advanced ”Make Ready” site improvements package, facilitates a quicker start to construction while assuring a high degree of coordination is maintained between the civil, architectural and building systems engineers all of which results in an efficient sequencing and positioning of the site utilities that will support the building improvements.

ADOA Make Ready 5.21 – Final