GLHN recently completed the Tucson Convention Center Main Arena Upgrades project in collaboration with other local A/E/C consultants.  The $4.5 million project, funded by Rio Nuevo, modernized the facility and transformed the entry breezeway into a focal point and gathering space before entering the main arena for performances.  Upgrades included changes in surface colors, replacement of seats in the main arena, new lighting in the breezeway, remodeling of concession stands, installing new arena house lights, and lavatory upgrades.  The arena performance sound system and performance lighting system were also upgraded to improve the visitor’s visual and auditory experience.  GLHN engineers provided the lighting solutions for the arena, breezeway, concession stands, lavatories, and pedestrian corridors.  GLHN utilized LED lighting systems to create energy efficient solutions and various LED color systems to provide accent lighting to compliment the required lighting.  The new lighting systems add an exciting element to the experience at the revitalized facility.  Check out the cool video that shows all the improvements!