All About Safety:  UV-C Hazards and Risks

Ye Zhang, PE, WELL AP; Joyce Kelly, RA, WELL AP, GLHN Architects & Engineers, Inc.

One hundred years of increasingly effective germicidal UV light irradiance has helped mitigate infectious transmission within buildings. Our last paper, “The Ins & Outs of UV-C Germicidal Irradiationexamined how UV-C breaks down the RNA of viruses like Covid-19 in a range of applications including HVAC systems and can treat upper room air. Until the 1990’s however, the hazards were largely ignored. The safety data has accumulated to warrant its own paper. UV-C devices have proliferated – especially since the pandemic – to clean everything from hospital and motel rooms to phones and PPE. UV-C can be a miracle agent of disinfection – with careful design and caution.

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All About Safety UV C Hazards and Risks

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