What will the future of downtown water usage in Tucson 2050 look like? Ten students from the University of Arizona Bachelor of Architecture 4th year studio program, sponsored by GLHN Architects & Engineers, were asked that exact question. The exhibit of their work and findings was recently displayed during one of downtown Tucson’s famous second Saturday events.

The work featured many interdisciplinary aspects between engineering and architectural design, creating spaces that are multifaceted and more focused on the human experience. The students highlighted three major districts within downtown Tucson: Congress, Tucson Convention Center, and the Mercado. Three different scenarios were created that focused solely on either rainwater, groundwater, or wastewater as a means of providing potable water to the community. The students also received mentorship from many outside Tucson partnerships. The event was a great success with sparking conversation and the opportunity to introduce the Tucson public to innovative ways to shape our individual water usage for the sake of Tucson’s water supply in 2050.