Energy Engineering Tucson and Phoenix

Energy Engineering

GLHN has a passion for exploring building performance through energy modeling and the development and implementation of alternative energies.  Project interests include the development of district energy, biomass gasification, solar and photovoltaic installations, utility metering, energy modeling, and energy audits.

Sustainability Building Design Tucson and Phoenix

Sustainable Design

GLHN has LEED Accredited Professionals in all disciplines and a resume of LEED certified projects, including the GLHN corporate office building, the only LEED-EB certified building in Southern Arizona.  Exploring beyond the tenants of certification ratings makes GLHN a leader in the implementation of truly sustainable design concepts and value engineering.

Technology Engineering Tucson and Phoenix

Technology Engineering

GLHN has a staff of Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) and technicians to provide comprehensive low voltage systems design for structured cabling, life safety, security, surveillance, audio/visual, and CATV/satellite systems.  In-house A/E supports the IT projects for controls, lighting, utilities, and space modifications.

Central Plant and Utility Infrastructure Tucson and Phoenix

Central Plants and Utility Infrastructure

Integration of architectural and engineering components is GLHN’s key to success in designing underground infrastructure and central plant facilities.  From roadways and site development to buried pipe, GLHN’s integrated, multi-discipline capabilities provide a significant advantage in project scheduling and coordination.

building information modeling Tucson and Phoenix

Building Information Modeling

GLHN believes BIM is the future of the design and construction industry and has transitioned from 2D CAD production to fully-integrated 3D design.  As institutions move toward implementation of Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM), GLHN is at the forefront of development.  GLHN is using BIM for higher educational and municipal projects.

campus residential architecture Tucson and Phoenix

Campus Residential

With a higher educational project history spanning more than four decades, GLHN excels at college and university campus life projects.  Experience in complex, phased renovation of residence halls and student union facilities has given the firm invaluable insight into the operation of student housing and provided expertise in extending the useful life of campus buildings.

Provider Firm in the Building Commissioning Association Tucson and Phoenix


GLHN is a Full Member, Provider Firm in the Building Commissioning Association (BCA) with ability to provide the Essential Attributes of Commissioning and the Peer Review process as set forth by the Association.  The team provides services for third party LEED commissioning, enhanced commissioning, retro and re-commissioning, and Operations and Maintenance personnel training.

healthcare architecture and engineering Tucson and Phoenix


With almost 50 years of healthcare project experience, GLHN understands the factors that drive the industry.  GLHN’s expertise lies in design of outpatient clinics and major hospital renovations, facility development planning, preparation of SFOs and RFPs, writing of design guides and master specifications, facility condition assessments, and 3rd party peer review.

transportation architecture and engineering Tucson and Phoenix


GLHN has over 15 years of experience in designing municipal fleet services facilities for vehicle fueling, storage, wash, and maintenance.  Projects range from single-phase, $1 million facility upgrades to $50 million multi-phased projects spanning many years.  Designs accommodate street cars, bus fleets, car and van fleets, SWAT cars and armored equipment, trucks, and off-road equipment.

laboratory engineering Tucson and Phoenix


GLHN has a thorough understanding of how to successfully manage the integration of the architectural and engineering components of specialized, climate-controlled facilities.  Projects involve design of teaching facilities and unique research environments for experimentation with pest, plant, animal, and human pathogens.

faculty architecture and engineering Tucson and Phoenix

Facility Condition Assessments

Applying a detailed and thorough methodology, GLHN has surveyed over 1,500 buildings across the country totaling more than 100 million gross square feet.  The FCA team rates existing condition, records detailed information relating to deficient systems, and calculates the cost of corrective actions.

Utility Master Plans Tucson and Phoenix

Utility Master Plans

GLHN’s three-stage Utility Development Plan (UDP) process effectively identifies infrastructure deficiencies, analyzes alternative growth strategies, and guides effective program implementation.  GLHN has created UDPs for university campuses, medical centers, and municipal districts.