We’re thrilled that our former intern Ty Rodriquez has returned to start his professional career here at GLHN.  Our marketing team sat down with Ty to find out what brought him back and what he’s been up to.

Q: What did you do between graduating and returning to GLHN?

A:  Visited family and caught up on sleep.


Q: Why did you want to come back and work at GLHN?

A: It was a great experience with good people and big, interesting projects.


Q: What kind of projects are you working on currently?

A: A little bit of everything, apartments, U of A buildings and some marketing tasks.


Q: What do you hope to learn here?

A: Construction and the back end on how buildings are made and how to physically construct a building.


Q: What are your 5-10 year career goals?

A: Getting licensed, and finding a way to incorporate other forms of life into buildings. I’d like to see the buildings rich in greenery and soil.


Q: What do you do for fun? Do you have any hobbies?

A: Video games, watching YouTube videos, and gardening.

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