As part of the ARC 421 Building Technology 6: Environmental Control Systems 2 class at the University of Arizona, students were led on a tour of the Veterinary Science and Microbiology Building that is currently under construction undergoing approximately $18M of deferred maintenance upgrades.  The course, taught by Ray Barnes, is designed to cover environmental control systems including heating, refrigeration, ventilation, air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical, lighting, elevators and life-safety technologies associated with large-scale complex buildings.  Jon Ziegler, PE, one of the GLHN mechanical engineers working on the Vet Sci project, was invited to guide the students on a tour of the building.  His discussion focused on the systems undergoing renovation and how they provide functionality to the building. Sacha Kessler is an architectural intern at GLHN and is also a student in the ARC 421 class. “As a student in my final two years of school, it was really beneficial to be on this tour. So much of what we are taught in school is the general way these systems work, but often times we don’t get any first hand experience or understanding of mechanical systems. Having the opportunity to tour the Vet Sci project helped to solidify how these systems work in relationship to the building” says Sacha.
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