Members of the GLHN Business Development and Marketing Department attended the BILD Leadership Summit, a benefit offered to members of the organization.  Formerly known as the Marketing Clinic, the newly branded event is designed to provide leadership development for the AEC community, including marketing professionals, technical staff, and principals.  This year’s event was led by Dr. Ed Ackerley, principal of Ackerley Advertising and also an educator and author.   Dr. Ackerley gathered a stellar group of local success stories who were willing to share the ups and downs of their careers.  Presenters included Monti Slavin, Director of Group Sales at Hilton East; Dee Anne Thomas, Local Sales Manager for Arizona Lotus Radio; and Michael Ortega, City of Tucson Manager.  While each took a very different path to reach their goals, there were several themes that resonated throughout the afternoon.  Our top takeaways from the summit include:
  1. Be authentic – your integrity is crucial to your success
  2. Ask “what do you need from me to be successful?”
  3. Develop a shared vision with your team
  4. Hold your team accountable – act quickly when you need to
  5. Don’t forget to say thank you!
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