On September 7th GLHN hosted one of many American Red Cross blood drives at their Broadway office.  The overwhelming turnout proved just how amazing the staff at GLHN really is.  More than 44,000 people need blood donations every day.  The only way to obtain blood vital to saving people’s lives is from donors just like you. Our goal was 8 units of blood.  We had 14 present to donate and completed 12 donations successfully.  GLHN donors have gone on to save a potential 36 lives! GLHN schedules 4 blood drives each year with the next one at the end of November. If you’ve volunteered to donate blood, make sure you hydrate, eat lots of iron-rich foods, and get plenty of rest the day before. That way you are feeling your best on donation day.

“Giving blood is one of the most fulfilling experiences in the world.  Knowing that you are responsible for saving someone’s life can fill a void no matter how big or small. I have always enjoyed helping other people.  Whether it’s cleaning up a yard for someone or donating part of me to help them, everyone deserves kindness” said Sedona Lippert, GLHN Administrative Assistant.

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