Welcome our newest registered Mechanical Engineer, Stanley Yellowhair,

GLHN is proud to announce our newest registered Mechanical Engineer, Stanley Yellowhair, P.E.  Stanley came to GLHN as an intern in 2007 and has since worked on many high profile projects such as ENR2 at the University of Arizona.  He designed all of the unique, high efficiency mechanical systems for this LEED Platinum sustainability focused building.   When Stanley was a little boy growing up in Whitecone, Arizona, he knew he wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer and with the support of his family, he accomplished his dream.  “This validates the hard work I put into it.  It makes me feel that all the time, money and effort is worth it and now others see that this guy is for real.”  Among his family Stanley has a special relationship with his grandmother.  When asked what she thought of him accomplishing this milestone he said “my grandma knows I was studying, but she doesn’t know that I passed yet.”  Tell her Stanley because we are all very proud to have you as a part of our GLHN family and look forward to sharing  your skills and talents for many years to come.