Staff Attends 27th Annual Camporee

Camporee: A Scout term for camping and common activities. A GLHN term for company fun in the pines! Camporee is held each summer at Whitetail Camp on Mt. Lemmon. In an annual pilgrimage to get out of the heat, GLHN’ers load up their cars, trucks, and vans and head to milepost 20.5 on the Mt. Lemmon Highway for a weekend of rest and relaxation. Group activities include hikes, volleyball, movie night, and crafts for the kiddos. The real draw though is the food! The company organizes and prepares 5 meals, including a chili cook-off, pancake breakfast and great-grill out with turkey and prime rib prepared on the mountain in a hand crafted smoker built by Bill Koller, a GLHN mechanical engineer. This year’s chili contest winner was Principal and Electrical Engineer Ted Moeller who won with his Bob Plager’s Pools Brew Red Chili recipe which first won a prize at the 2008 Camporee when prepared by his daughter Madeline. As Ted has retired this recipe from competition, we are sharing it here with our friends and business partners.

click to download Chili-Recipe