It would seem artificial turf would be a no-brainer in the desert southwest where water is a limited resource. However, in addition to higher installation costs, artificial turf has some disadvantages that might make natural grass fields more sustainable. Natural turf fields are less expensive to install and provide a cooler playing surface. However, that cool surface does require regular irrigation and may need annual reseeding. Artificial turf requires no irrigation, but it does have a significantly hotter surface temperature and the surface may need to be replaced after 10 years. While GLHN specializes in the civil design of sports fields, we rely on the expertise of McGann and Associates to guide us in selecting the appropriate playing surface. McGann and GLHN were recently awarded the new fields at Kino South Sports Complex project and turf selection will be a key part of the design work. We will also be working together to renovate existing fields at Catalina Foothills High School.  For more information on turf selection, we recommend you contact McGann & Associates at (520) 297-9540.

Selecting proper turf for a field

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