NMSU Satellite Chilled Water Plant Completes Construction

The $24 million Campus Chilled Water Improvements project at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces nears closing with the final walkthrough of the new Satellite Chilled Water Plant. The new facility was designed to further the university’s commitment to neutralize its global warming emissions. Brian Hagedon served as Project Architect, developing a design that satisfies the functional needs of an efficient utility plant while achieving consistency with the southwestern aesthetic of the campus. Long-term campus electrical distribution capacity objectives were considered in the high voltage power service to the plant, which is expandable. Mechanical engineering included an in depth analysis of Thermal Energy Storage sizing and technology to take maximum advantage of local peak demand rates, as well as development of chiller, thermal energy storage, and cooling tower equipment specifications with site specific life cycle cost evaluation criteria. Preparing the construction documents as a three-dimensional Revit model not only streamlined interdisciplinary coordination, but also enhanced the team’s ability to communicate with plant operations staff. NMSU selected GLHN for the project in 2010, GLHN is Architect and Engineer of Record. The firm has been working at NMSU continuously since 1998.