GLHN provides judge evaluation at the Desert Sky Middle School Science Fair

“GLHN was such a wonderful supporter last year and really took the time to give our students feedback that helped them to succeed into the final rounds of the State and National competitions and for that reason we would like to ask you back!” ~Tonya Bucinell, Desert Sky Middle School Volunteer Coordinator Intervention Specialist

GLHN has been avid supporters of the Desert Sky Middle School Science Fair and we are proud to have been invited back this year to help judge this event.

On February 4, 2015, a troupe employees headed to Rita Ranch armed with pencils and score cards to judge almost forty (40) entries from 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  The judges were responsible for evaluating the student’s creative ability, scientific thought and thoroughness/clarity.  Projects included A Study on Solar Energy; Fire Away – A Catapult project; Brain and Memory Function; Finger Prints and the Affect the Temperature of Glass; and a study on How Exercise Affects Blood Pressure just to name a few.

Each judge evaluated about 10 project each and provided lots of great feedback.  GLHN judges included:  Ted Moeller, Bill Nelson, Tiffany Gorrell, Manny Ellsworth, Paul Norine, Bill Koller, Lisa Gomez, Bobby Sweet, and Stanley Yellowhair.