GLHN Architects & Engineers, Inc. recently offered free CPR classes to all employee-owners.  Attending the class allows staff to assist their co-workers in the event CPR is needed during office hours.  However, it can also prepare them for unforeseen events, such as a loved one falling into a pool when he/she doesn’t know how to swim. The first class at GLHN was held in 2005 and is repeated every 2-3 years to keep staff current.

A common misconception about CPR is that it must involve “mouth to mouth.”  Class attendees learned that this is no longer the case and were taught to perform “chest-compressions-only” resuscitation.  GLHN also has an AED (automated external defibrillator) in the office.  This increases an employee’s chance of survival by 50% while they wait for the EMTs to arrive.   “It was really interesting to learn that we could increase a person’s survival rate just by using an AED” said Lisa Gomez, who participated in the class.  “The AED is automated, so all you need to do is to push the start button and the machine will talk and guide you. No need to worry “oh my gosh how do I use this thing!”

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