Festival of Books Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary


On the second weekend of March, the Tucson Festival of Books celebrated their 10 year anniversary. Held on the University of Arizona campus, the event brings a bounty of authors, books, and activities for readers of all ages. GLHN has been a supporter since the beginning, providing clean up volunteers and then developing our Mechanical Advantage exhibit to assist in the development of Science City.

This year GLHN Architects & Engineers returned to Science City at the Tucson Festival of Books to share their increasingly popular Mechanical Advantage exhibit. Hundreds of children and adults waited in line to challenge their strength and balance through levers and pulleys at the Giant Yellow Teeter Totter and the 60lb Challenge.

The teeter-totter, along with a series of pulleys and weights, are used to demonstrate the concept of “mechanical advantage” or using leverage for strength. The goal is to demonstrate fundamental engineering concepts in a fun and interactive manner and show how effective these tools are in daily living. The kids love being able to balance their much heavier parents on the teeter totter and lift a 60lb concrete block all by themselves.

“The festival gives us the opportunity to engage with our community and share our knowledge and passion with the young engineers of the future.” – Bill Kohler (GLHN Mechanical Engineer)

The festival is the third largest book festival in the country and benefits local literacy programs.