2017 AESS Conference at The University of Arizona

Tiffany Gorrell represented GLHN at the AESS (Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences) Conference in Tucson, AZ. She manned a table in the Exhibitors area and spoke to attendees about the ENR2 building. The booth featured a banner designed by Cloriza Lomeli and a video showing the progress of the building from concept through construction. In addition to discussing the innovative mechanical aspects of the building and the 600,000 gallon water tank, Tiffany shared the story of the hummingbirds who built their nest in front of the web cam during construction. Several visitors to the booth wanted to discuss solar energy and wondered why the building did not have roof top solar panels. (Answer: because they weren’t included in the budget.) Another visitor asked how long it would take to fill up the water tank if Tucson only received 12 inches of rain a year. (Answer:  We’re still working on this one). Conference attendees came from all parts of the country and Canada and were greeted by an extreme heat wave in Tucson which didn’t dampen their enthusiasm for the event. In fact, it helped to demonstrate the way the ENR2 building kept cool with minimal energy through the use of chilled beams, shading, large fans and plant growth.